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Module  "Expedition Skills"


This course aims to develop skills that help ta sea kayaker to maintain a degree of comfort, sustainability and resources to assist him in life during a sea kayaking expedition.

We will deal with the aspects involving the organization of multi-day outings, from planning to the final debriefing passing through the choice and organization of the equipment, the minimum capacity requirements necessary and the basics of safety at sea.

The course covers Protection, Rescue, Water, Combustion and Food, which are the building blocks that make up the system requirements for an ISKGA guide.

It is an itinerant course, this means that after an initial part in the classroom we will load the kayaks and return to the base only at the end of the course, spending practically all the time outdoors.

Nights in wild camping.

Who is it for

Future sea kayak guides involved in the ISKGA Expedition Skills module, independent paddlers who intend to tackle multi-day outings with greater awareness.

What to bring

Bivi, tarp, sleeping bag, mattress, mess kit, water, food, technical clothing suitable for the water and air temperature.


Minimum BC sea Kayak award (formerly three stars), pagaia azzurra 3.

To be able to swim.

Additional services

kayak rental 30€/day



3 days


€ 380,00 per person

Info e booking

tel: 351 5505313

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