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Module  "Safety & Rescue"

During this safety and rescue module, you will learn how to gather all the necessary information to venture out safely.

You will learn the difference between proactive and inactive rescue, and then practice these techniques in areas where you might genuinely need them. We will practice various types of rescue beyond the classic T-rescue and kayak reentries in various situations, in addition to those already covered in the SKI 3 course.

You will gain practical experience in the use of towing and throw lines and understand why strict rescue protocols prevent situations from worsening.

You will also be shown how to operate within your L.A.R. (Limited Access Rescue) during solo paddles and develop sea survival strategies, along with a variety of self-rescue techniques.


What to bring

sea kayak, paddle, spraydeck, helmet, tow or tow-throw line and all the necessary personal equipment


Minimum BC sea Kayak award (formerly three stars), pagaia azzurra 3

Additional services

kayak rental 25€/day


2 days


€ 250,00 per person

Info e booking

tel: 351 5505313

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