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SKI focus



3 places
6-7 July


2 days
start time 9:30 am
end time 3:30 pm


€ 250,00 per person


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tel: 351 5505313

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Everyone learns the roll at their own pace.

When our students achieve the roll for the first time, we see a radiant smile on their faces; this is our greatest satisfaction.

Immediately after this accomplishment, we observe a rapid increase in kayak confidence, allowing students to progress quickly.

The course adopts a methodical and progressive approach to teaching the roll, guiding participants through a sequence of targeted phases to achieve complete and reliable proficiency.

The course begins with a particular on-land focus on body movements.

For those who already have a working roll, this is the time to identify and eliminate any previously learned flaws before moving on to water practice.

The training will be expanded by incorporating environmental and equipment variables, creating a path leading to the renowned bomb-proof roll. For those who have already achieved the roll, new types of rolls will be introduced during the focus.

The course can be followed with either a Greenland or European paddle.

Basic Body Movements
  • The learning journey starts with a detailed analysis of the fundamental body movements necessary for executing the roll. Instructors guide participants through targeted exercises that develop body awareness, coordination, and control required during a capsizing situation.
Gradual Progression towards the Roll
  • Once the foundations of body movements are established, the course progresses gradually toward performing the roll using tools such as the paddle float, eventually transitioning to the paddle in the final stage. Instructors provide detailed guidance, allowing participants to gain the necessary confidence and precision.
Integration of Environmental Variables
  • After establishing a solid foundation in body movement and roll execution, the course introduces environmental variables. This includes managing the roll in changing marine conditions and situations that may present additional challenges, such as currents or waves. Instructors guide participants in adapting the roll technique to the surrounding context.
Versatile Adaptation: Roll with Different Equipment
  • The advanced Sea Kayak Italy course on Elba places significant emphasis on adapting the roll to equipment variables. This involves mastering the roll with various types of kayaks and paddles, as well as precisely adjusting these components. This in-depth understanding allows participants to develop a dynamic technique, instinctively adapting to challenges presented by equipment variations, making the Roll a versatile and reliable skill.
Bomb-Proof Roll
  • The carefully structured progression of the course culminates in achieving the bomb-proof roll. Participants will have acquired not only the ability to safely and consistently perform the Roll but also the confidence to apply this skill in complex marine environments.


In conclusion, Sea Kayak Italy's Focus Roll on the Island of Elba offers a comprehensive and progressive approach to learning the Eskimo Roll, integrating body movements, environmental variables, and equipment optimization.

This ensures that participants not only gain technical proficiency but become experts in applying the roll in real conditions, truly making it bomb-proof.


Included in the price

Professional sea kayak instructor, kayak sit inside, paddle, life jacket, spray deck


What to bring

Water or kayak shoes, swimsuit and t-shirt for sailing, long or half wetsuit depending on the water temperature, dry jacket

10% discount for those who bring their own kayak


Requirements to participate

To have attended second or third sea kayaking course.

To have already had some kayaking experiences.