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Advanced intensive SKI course - from technique to skill


4 days
start 9:30 am
end 3:30 pm


€ 400,00 per person
minimum 3 people


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tel: 351 5505313

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This course is a practical SEA KAYAK module for experienced paddlers.

The purpose of this intensive course is to transform the learned technique into practical skills, ready to use!

The focus of the course is aquatics and therefore awareness of body movements during paddling.

We cover and practice night navigation to use other senses besides sight which is more common used.

We cover tows and rescues with a new eye with the aim of increasing the ability to solve problems even when situations do not go as we would like.

Exercises be proposed in order to use the technique automatically and naturally.

We refine the roll to make it effective by including environmental and equipment variables in the exercises.

What to bring

Sea ​​kayak and all the necessary equipment for the weather conditions that will occur during the course (rock shoes, swimsuit, t-shirt or lycra, wetsuit or half wetsuit, water bottle, towel). 

Accommodation and meals not included in the price.

Experience level required

FICK UISP FICT ACA BC technicians, minimum L3 paddlers

Additional Services

Possibility of equipment rental, contact us for more information!