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One-off tours


Discover Capraia 

Located 36 miles off the Tuscan coast, with just 800 meters of road, inhabited by 200 devoted souls, Capraia reveals itself with its small port and a unique village at the foot of the imposing Fortress.

Beyond this human nucleus, all that extends is a wild Mediterranean scrub and solitary coves that narrate the story of this authentic and exclusive land.

The first and only rule in this corner of paradise is to abandon all haste.

The days here are marked by the typical rhythms of life on this small maritime island.

Capraia, with its dual nature of rugged and gentle, soft and angular, severe and sunny, barren and lush green, is a place where the play of opposites is a fascinating daily pastime.

Capraia, gently, takes you by the hand and leads you on a journey, hoping you won't decide to leave too soo


Two days exploring the island of Capraia!

We'll attempt to complete the circumnavigation of the island in one day—12.5 nautical miles, 23 km.

If weather conditions prevent us from completing the circumnavigation, we'll organize paddling sessions in more sheltered areas.

Should conditions absolutely prevent paddling, we'll explore the island through trekking along its trails.

Example: Village, Punta dello Zenobito, Cala Rossa or Stagnone - M.te Penne - M.te Castello - Mortola.

You'll be accompanied by Sea Kayak Italy guides who will handle the expedition planning and provide support to the group.

You'll connect with the island and its dynamics thanks to the presence of a local expert.

  • THURSDAY, 23

13:45 - Boarding for the ferry in Livorno with our kayak on a trolley, without a car.

16:30 - Arrival in Capraia, room accommodation.

17:00 - Exploration of the center with Lorenzo, the local guide.

19:00 - Weather analysis for the following days and communication of the plan for Friday.

  • FRIDAY, 24

9:00 - Meeting and start of the kayak activity, with an expected return by 5:00 PM.

19:00 - New weather analysis for the following days and communication of the plan for Saturday.

  • SATURDAY, 25

9:00 - Meeting and start of the kayak activity, with a scheduled return by 4:00 PM.

18:45 - Boarding for the return to Livorno.

Note: In case the ferry service is suspended, departure will be the next day, Sunday, May 26th.

Requirements to Participate

Have a good understanding of sea kayaking (sit-in side) or have completed a basic sea kayaking course.

Be inclined to engage in outdoor activities.

Suitable for individuals in good physical condition and trained to handle 20 km/day of paddling
18+ years old


What to Bring

-Kayak and equipment, technical clothing for paddling, dry change, dry bag, recommended: headlamp.


What's Not Included in the Price

kayak and technical equipment

Transportation expenses, meals, and accommodation.

Accommodation at La Mandola Eco Hostel, to be booked separately.

In the six or four-person dormitory, the price is approximately €30/person per night.

TO BOOK, CONTACT NADIA at +39 348 884 6506.

2-6 March 2025

Sea Kayak Italy Ocean Experience in Jersey - with Jersey Kayak Adventure
Over five days, improve your sea kayaking skills while we explore the fantastic coastline of Jersey and its large tide range.
Course Information: Level -> This course is unsuitable for novice paddlers.
You will already have sea kayaking experience around the BC Sea Kayak Award (or equivalent) level.
To get the most from this course, you should be able to paddle in winds up to and including force 4 and tides of up to 2 Knots, using either a sea kayak sea kayak. Expect to paddle between 6-8 miles (around 3 hours duration) each day.
Course information:
The goal throughout the course is to develop both your paddle skills and awareness to make you a more competent and confident sea kayaker. We will explore the coastline as we put your skills into practice.
Assessment candidates must read the Coastal Sea Kayak Award syllabus. Expect to demonstrate a proficient level of paddle skills and trip planning. Sit-inside kayak paddlers must be able to roll (if paddling a closed cockpit sea kayak or using thigh straps).
The Coastal Sea Kayak award aims to improve your decision-making and personal paddling skills to have an enjoyable and safe experience afloat.
The successful completion of the Coastal Sea Kayak Award endorses your judgment, decision-making, and expertise and demonstrates a good understanding of paddling in the sea.
This course will be run by Derek of Jersey Kayak Adventure supported by Giuseppe Debernardi of Sea Kayak Italy (Jesse Debez)
This course will be run only in English language.

2-6 March 2025


5 days